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Product Description

Used over the face cushion on the cradle attachment at the end of the treatment table

or around the face hole in the treatment table

Changed for each client.


width 50 cm

length 45 cm


100% polyester 

A soft luxurious fabric that stays looking good when laundered correctly, making is long lasting.

This fabric doesn't stain as readily as traditional cotton options & is much quicker to dry.

The Difference

The difference between the Basics & Premium ranges is the finish.

The Premium range is overlocked & hemmed the Basics range isn't, the fabric doesn't fray so it can be used & laundered with confidence 

The difference between Micro & Softa is the weight.

Micro is a light weight. Softa is a heavier weight.

They wash, dry & wear the same.

Can be tumble dried on low heat.