Sale Essentials Face Cushion Cover Small Softa

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Product & Description

Face cushion covers are an essential part of clinical practice. 

Made to cover & protect & to also form a base our face drapes that lay over the cushion cover & are changed for each client. 

Also used alone & changed for each client


Small - For over our face cushion that is used around the face hole in the treatment table..

The small face cushion cover totally encompasses the cushion back & front secured with Velcro fastening. 


Fabric 100% polyester

A soft luxurious fabric that stays looking good when laundered correctly, making is long lasting.

This fabric doesn't stain as readily as traditional cotton options & is much quicker to dry. 

The difference between Micro & Softa is the weight & the length of the pile.

Micro is a light weight with a short pile. Softa is a heavier weight with a longer pile

They wash, dry & wear exactly the same.