Welcome to Performance Linen Limited

Are you tired of trying to get oil & wax used during treatments out of your sheets & towels? 

We make linen that fits your equipment & the way that you work that is durable, easy to wash, quick to dry & easy to change ensuring every new client  has fresh clean linen.We specialise in high performance linen solutions and equipment coverings designed to suit the demands of the Health, Medical, Beauty & Spa Professionals. Whether you are a Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Day Spa owner or a Medical Professional, Performance Linen products will enhance the look and functionality of your business.

We know the importance of presenting a professional image to valued clients & also that the cleanliness, hygiene and durability of your equipment and facilities are vital to the success of your business.

Our signature range of high performance products are designed to look great perform well and last considerably longer than traditional cotton options.

We understand textiles, and use our expertise with our knowledge of our clients industries to offer the best & most cost effective solutions.

Our Products

We believe all Professional Therapists should have linen that fits their equipment & the way that they work.

Our products have been specifically designed from fabrics that are functional & cost effective. We can advise and guide you in how best to cover your equipment, be it a massage table, beauty therapy bed or medical equipment. Our range consist’s of products that make your job easier by offering items that compliment your modality, that are quick to change easy to wash & quick to dry.

If you need advice, please email us info@performancelinen.co.nz or call 09 -826-4505 to discuss your specific needs.

The Essentials Range

Our Essentials Range consists of our most popular must have's for Massage, Beauty and Physio therapy.

This range includes, table covers of all shapes & sizes: Massage table covers, plinth covers, beauty therapy bed covers, face cushions & face covers, protective waterproof & wipeable products, patient & facial gowns, barber towels & other essential items.

All products are made to the highest standard & come in a variety of sizes, shapes & colours to cater the many different shapes & sizes of treatment tables across all modalities & professions.

Whether you are a Massage therapist, Spa & Beauty professional, Surgeon or Medical Centre, we have the products & service for you.

All of our products are designed to be used in conjunction with your custom made or signature linens.

The Premium Range

Our Premium products are finished to the highest standard. All of our products are designed to be used in conjunction with your Essentials, custom made or signature items. This range also features gowns, robes, headbands & products for under & over your clients.


The Basics Range

Simple design & cost effective the basics range consists of quality essentials for your clinic or home practice. We have you covered, literally! Great fabrics & staple items made cheaper for you.

The difference between our Basic Range & the Premium range is the finish, The Premium range is overlocked & hemmed where the basics range isn't as there is no fear of fraying. 

There are limited items in this range, but worthy of your attention.


Fabric Options

Micro & Softa are both 100% polyester the difference is the weight & the length of the textile pile. Micro is lighter & has a shorter pile & Softa is a heavier weight with a longer pile. They wash & dry exactly the same.


Customised Solutions

Sometimes it is necessary to customise an items to fit a certain piece of equipment also there are times that the product demands a custom fit such as treatment table valences or a simple face hole. Leave it to us. We have you covered.