Essentials Range

The Essentials Range

The most popular must have's for any clinical professional.

Includes, fitted covers, protective, waterproof & wipeable products. Patient surgical & facial gowns/wraps, barber towels, headbands & other essential items.

Whether you are a Massage Therapist, Spa & Beauty Professional, Health Professional, Surgeon or Medical Centre, we have the products & service for you.

We've got you covered, literally!  


 100% polyester  

A soft luxurious fabric that stays looking good when laundered correctly, making is long lasting.

 This fabric doesn't stain as readily as traditional cotton options & is much quicker to dry. 

Can be tumble dried on low heat. 

The Difference 

The difference between the Basics & Premium ranges is the finish.

The Premium range is overlocked & hemmed the Basics range isn't, the fabric doesn't fray so it can be used & laundered with confidence  

The difference between Micro & Softa is the weight. 

Micro is a light weight. Softa is a heavier weight. 

They wash, dry & wear the same.