Client/patient Gowns

Client/patient Gowns are designed for patient comfort & modesty during treatment or examination. 

They are known by a number of names: patient gowns, modesty gowns, surgical gowns, client gowns, facial wraps.

For Spa & Beauty Professionals we recommend the 'Facial' Gowns, these are a strapless style leaving the decolletage exposed during facial treatments. These gowns feature an elasticated back for a secure fit, side splits & a generous velcro fastening across the front of the gown to cater for more than one size & a secure fit.

Available in sizes XS - XL

Fabric: Microfibre/fleece or 100% Cotton Waffle

For Medical & Health Professionals we recommend the 'Modesty' gowns these feature Velcro closings down the back of the gown back.

Available in sizes XXS - XXL

Fabric: Poly-Cotton.