Drapings/Massage Towels/Sheets/Blankets

Product & Description

Drapings, massage towels, sheets, blankets, whatever you prefer to call them they are an essential part of clinical practice.

They are the items that come in contact with your client.

Available in a range of sizes:

75 x 50 cm

100 x 150 cm

100 x 200 cm

150 x 200 cm

Table drapes/sheets with face holes:

100 x 50 cm

100 x 210 cm

Face drape/cloth:

Small: 35 x 35 cm

Medium: 40 x 40 cm

Large: 45 x 45 cm


Fabric 100% polyester microfibre/fleece

Microfibre/fleece is a soft luxurious fabric that stays looking good when laundered correctly, making is long lasting