Table Covers

Product & Description

Table covers, fitted sheets, plinth covers, beauty bed covers, whatever you prefer to call them they are an essential part of clinical practice.

They protect your valuable & expensive equipment & create a non slip base for the items that come in contact with your client.

Our covers are all elasticated with a minimum of 2 pairs of ties for a secure fit.

Please note the dimensions "fit up to" the dimensions noted  

Important please read 

All treatment tables are 3 dimensional ie they have a width, length & depth.

These dimensions are important to know when choosing the correct cover to fit your treatment table.

The other important measurement is the measurement from the top of the table to the top of the face hole, this denotes the positioning of the face hole. All face holes in the treatment table are a width of 8 cm & length of 15 cm.

Please note the dimensions "fit up to" the maximum dimensions noted. 

If you don't know or are having trouble with measurements either call us on 09 8264505 or send us a pic of your treatment table to 


The difference between Micro & Softa is weight.

Micro is lighter & Softa is heavier.

They wash, dry & wear exactly the same.

100% polyester