Table Drapings/towels/sheets

Product & Description

Table Drapings/towels/sheets are the items that come in contact with your clients

They lay over your table covers, fitted sheets or plinth covers & are an essential part of clinical practice.

Table Drapings/towels/sheets have face holes & are used when you use the face hole in your treatment table


100 x 50 cm 

Face hole inserted centrally.

Face hole 8 cm width 15cm length

100cm width 210cm length.

Face hole inserted 20cm from the top of the Draping

Face hole 8 cm width 15cm length


Fabric 100% polyester microfibre/fleece

Microfibre/fleece is a soft luxurious fabric that stays looking good when laundered correctly, making is long lasting 

This fabric doesn't stain as readily as traditional cotton options & is much quicker to dry.